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Youth Empowerment Support.
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Youth Emporment Support

Established in March 2018, Youth Empowerment Support (YES) is a dynamic Community-Based Organization founded by a diverse group of youths. Fueled by concerns over escalating youth suicides and prevalent inequalities, YES is on a mission to uplift fellow refugee youths in Malaysia. Beyond conventional support, YES actively engages in community integration, advocates for gender equity, initiates health programs, and designs comprehensive initiatives. The organization extends aid in emergencies, raises awareness on critical issues, and empowers refugee youths through tailored programs. Committed to fostering resilience and inclusivity, YES endeavors to build a strong sense of community. Through its multifaceted approach, the organization seeks to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of refugees, promoting equity and empowerment.






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Our Mission

At Youth Empowerment Support (YES),
our mission is to empower and uplift refugee communities by providing comprehensive support and opportunities for youth education, primary school development, sport, and youth wellbeing programs...

Our Vision

The vision of Youth Empowerment Support is to empower refugee communities by facilitating access to critical and essential services while spearheading a technological revolution that ensures the accessibility of these services for refugees...

Our value

Respect each other. ___ Support diverse refugees/nonrefugees cultures. ___ Honesty. ___ Helping hands. ___ Being optimistic. ___ Cultural awareness. ___ Leadership. ___ Problem-solver. ___ Learn and benefit from one another. ___ Open-minded.

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